Lianyungang Fengxin Safety Products Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city Lianyungang of Jiangsu, China. We are dedicated in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products. For respects of life, Fengxin established and is committed to make safety easy and accessible that every enterprise/individual can afford it. The company's products are used by workers around the world in a broad range of markets including construction industry, transport sector, the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, mining and the military etc. FX's core products include visible vest, safety helmets, breathing apparatus, protective glasses, work gloves, safety belts, earplugs etc.

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Safety products were born for labour protection which is used in industry task.  They can effectively protect employee's safety by covering parts of body from substances harmful or toxic which caused by work environment and working objects. Nowadays, as enterprises are trying to build better work conditons for employees, safety products becomes more and more popular. Safety products are long used in tradditional industry such as minning, welding, construction,  transportation where poeple work in relatively hash environment. With deveolpment of society and economy, safety products are becomming more and more common in people's daily life. Take reflective vest for example, you can see a lot of people on the way wearing it and on which people can be easily recognized by cars and other automobiles to avoid accident.  As far as we know, safety is one of the five life needs for humanbeing to live. We are responsible to make everyone live and work in safety.

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To create better work environment for people around the world is our company goal. We believe every life worth well protection. Though our continuous efforts,we hope more and more good and effective products can come into the market. 


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