Protective Safety Clothing

Protective Safety Clothing is designed to protect body and skin when working winthin the environment and the workplace.

General safety overall suits, protective trousers and pants, safety jackets and warning clothing are products designed with safety in mind.

Clothing that protects against acid burns is vital in industries where these chemicals are handled and there is a risk of splashing on workers. Acid resistant clothing is corrosion proof to acids, but some clothes are more effective than others at protecting against the strongest acids.

Flame protection is important for workers who are in close proximity to flammable materials, fuels, and furnaces, among other fire-risk areas. Fire resistant clothing is usually made from relective material, to defend against infared heat.

In very high temperature areas, heat resistant clothing offers thermal protection for workers. Reflective suits with hood and helmet offer maximum insulation against heat, where as in moderately high-heat environments hoods and jackets with durable, heat resistant materials may be suitable for flexibility and comfort.

Protective Trousers are designed to protect the users from the elements that they maybe working in. It is important to make the trousers light, flexible and comfortable enough for the user. Clothes which make the user too hot, or which prevent the user moving easily, are a safety problem in themselves.

Safety Jackets are designed to protect the users from the elements that they may be working in and built to provide greater durability and safety.

When employees are working in a hazardous area where vehicles and heavy machinery are being operated, wearing warning clothing makes them stand out as clearly as possible to help prevent  collision. Warning clothing has a bright fluorescent colour with refelective stripes. In many occupations such as construction it is a legal requirement to wear this type of clothing for both public and personal safety.

Weather and cold protection is important for outdoor workers and especially night time workers but also when working in cold storage or freezer rooms. Good fabrics should be fully waterproof, durable, breathable for comfort, and wind resistant. Many jackets have an inside fleece for insulation. Interactive clothing enables compatibility between outer and inner layers such as fleeces and soft-shell's integrating with outer shell garments. 3-in-1 garments offer multi layered protection against foul weather across all four seasons. Rainwear that forms a robust resistance to wind and water in very challenging weather conditions are normally either PVC or Polyurethane coated and offer excellent durability in the most difficult of working conditions.