Safety Gloves and other Hand Protection

Health and Safety safety gloves and other hand protection needs to offer a high level of protection against high risk operations and general day to day work wear.

They are designed, not only to be comfortable, but to protect against glass and metal and can also protect against harmful chemical risk and exposures.

Scratch proofing protects the hands from many abrasive objects during manual labour and scratch resistant gloves are very tough with coatings and layers such as nitrile or made of high quality leather. They are useful for such jobs as timer and wood working brick-laying, working with concrete, and the most protective gloves are suitable for handling barbed wire among other uses.

The handling and processing of chemicals including acids and other corrosive substances requires specialist protection. Chemical resistant gloves are dipped and treated with chlorine or other substances for a shield layer against corrosion. There are a wide range of harmful chemicals from soaps and detergents to the strongest acids and alkalies, and whilst it is necessary to handle all dangerous substances with caution, hand protection is becoming much more sophisticated.

Protecting the hands against the risk of cuts is possible because many tough and technical fabrics are being developed to make cut resistant gloves. For example, Kevlar is a popular material for extremely protective clothing and is very difficult to penetrate, and others such as Hagane coil are composite materials offering toughness and flexibility at the same time.

Contact with grease, grime, soil and other dirt is unavoidable in many industries but hands can stay clean and healthy with good dirt resistant gloves. It is important that these gloves are wholly impermeable to avoid bacteria and potentially toxic substances from spreading from person to person and causing irritation to the skin. Nitrile coatings repel many substances such as oil. Waste management facilities, factory production lines and metal fabrication facilities are just some of the places where these gloves are necessary.

Insulating materials for heat resistant gloves that protect against dangerous levels of heat in an indusrial environment include high quality leather. Other materials for protecting against such hazards as Arc Flash have a special rating (ATPV). Sectors that equip heat resistant gloves include welding, electrical work, smelting and automotive industry.

In medicine and emergency response it is imprerative that infections are not spread from worker to patient or vice versa. Medical safety gloves are coated in latex, nitrile, or durable plastic among other resistant materials. These gloves may have strong chemical resistance as well as the shielding from biological contamination.

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