Protective Workwear Fabrics

Fengxin Safety WearWorking in many industrial environments requires the use of clothes containing specialist fabrics. These are made of strong materials such as kevlar, woven in ways that suit the specific use. There are various types of fabrics although they can be broken down into categories that include protective clothing fabrics, technical fabrics and PPE fabrics.

Protective clothing refers to garments designed to protect the wearer's body from injury caused by blunt impacts, electrical hazards, heat, chemicals or infection, for job-related occupational health and safety purposes, such as flame retardant overalls, chemical resistant aprons or anti-viral barrier garments. They offer this much protection due to the tight weaving of the fabrics.

Personal protective clothing protects workers from the hazards around them, whether it be from heat, flame, electricity hazardous chemicals or biological hazards. PPE fabricsare made with tightly woven material amd designed with one or more hazards in mind. Many are also made to feature maximum comfort in order for jobs to be carried out with more ease. Some advanced fabrics offer strong protection against such hazards as knife slashes and pathogenic bacteria.

Fabrics manufactured for non-aesthetic purposes, where function is the primary criterion, are called technical fabrics. The main target of technical protective fabrics is to improve the safety of personnel in their workplaces. A technical protective fabric can save a worker's life, and that's why they are mainly used in the manufacture of PPE (personal protective equipment) clothing. The demand for these fabrics is growing around the world thanks to the sensibilitization of society, requiring more safety at work. Protective technical fabrics are found in applications that protect against: burns (flame, convective and radiant heat, firefighters, ATEX area), electric arc flash discharge (plasma explosion, electric companies), molten metal impacts (foundries), metal sparks (welding), acid environments (petrochemical, gas, refineries, chemical). They are also used in astronaut's suits.

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